Muirhead Quay


This is a development of 20 industrial warehouse units totalling approximately 120,000 sq ft constructed between 2004 and 2007. sbh Page & Read initially provided development and leasing advice when the properties were built and have now been retained as Asset Managers

for the development on behalf of the landlords, Fresh Wharf Estates Limited.

sbh Page & Read are instructed to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Rent Invoicing and collection
  • Service charge budget preparation invoicing and collection
  • Advice and negotiation on lease renewals
  • Advice and negotiation of rent reviews
  • Strategic management advice in relation to: Cashflow, Investment management, Funding, Tenant mix
  • Covenant compliance
  • Maintenance of common parts
  • Security
  • Tenant liaison

We are focused on maintaining the quality of the development and improving the value of our client’s asset. We look to ensure a good quality tenant mix, continuity of income and to minimise rental voids.

We have managed the estate for some 4 years and have improved the overall rental income, quality of the tenant base and unexpired term of the individual leases. As a result, the investment value of the property has improved and with constant attention to day to day matters, the appearance of the property continues to attract good quality tenants.